Video needs a job!

Feb 10, 2021 | Production Points

Video needs a job. Too often they are left around hanging on some web corner with not much to do.

They can look pretty, strong, weak or boring. They may have great production value – or none at all – but they just sit there in the hope that someone will come along to watch them.

Needs a purpose

There are just too many videos that are not designed with much purpose, as if someone had decided “we need a video” without someone asking: why?

In meetings, I will always ask, who is the target audience and what do you want the viewer to do after they have seen it. Too often the response is “… that’s a good question” as if the question had never been asked before.

Ask the right questions

Unless you are producing a TV show, a video doesn’t exist for its own sake. It needs to fit somewhere into the customer journey to your product or service. And you must ask:

  • Why video?
  • How does it fit into the customer journey?
  • What do you want the viewers to do after they have seen it? and
  • How can we measure its success, for example: by views, engagements, information requests etc.?

Give video a job!


Steven Hunt
Senior Producer

We create videos that help organizations reach their target audience